Journey of Miracles: Through a Young Girl's Eyes

Miracles Do Happen

Journey of Miracles is a book that warms your heart as you follow the journey through the life of Anita Thorne-Lewis. A story inspired by true events, featuring a young girl who was separated from her biological family at only four years old.

˃˃˃ Sent Off Like Moses

Find parallel in the life of Anita as compared to the biblical Moses.
"Just as a new mom discovered Moses, a new family also discovered me. I see it as a direct analogy; Pharaoh's daughter got Moses out of the water and a family also took me out of hot water--potential trouble that is. Moses went on to achieve great things through God's direction. While I can't compare my life to the esteemed heights which God raised Moses to, I too started out from very humble beginnings, where my scared mother protected me by sending me off on a journey out of trouble, and I too went on to achieve very positive things. Quite miraculous."

˃˃˃ A Message of Hope

Find inspiration in this story of extraordinary happenings. Follow through the point of view of a young girl, who sees her life's unfolding as nothing short of a miracle. Feel her pain, smile at her celebrations and rejoice in her accomplishments.