Landscapes On My Sole

In her first collection of poems, L. v. Jones explores ethnic diversity, family life, heartaches and triumphs in Landscapes on My Soles. Jones lures in readers with her most distinct quality, candor, in lines like, “With every utterance from my mouth/you established the first impression/A relentless poking, prickling reminder/That I am human.”

Jones weaves in spirituality with finesse, from straightforward, convicting stanzas about revenge to sincere lines about forgiveness. Her upfront tone persuades a tongue-in-cheek smile in poems like “Congregation’s Sermon,” of parishioners who remain faithful to their pastor until he stumbles, stripping him of his pedestal.

With a zeal for encouraging women, Jones takes her readers on a journey through life’s unfair seasons, to emerge wiser and stronger than ever. From fervent to humorous, Landscapes on My Soles connects the reader to honesty, love, and hope.

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