Meet the Imaginative Joe Dreamer [a caribbean adventure series] (Joe Dreamer series (caribbean adventure) Book 1)

Joe Dreamer is a little boy with a big imagination. At the age of 5, he finds that he can channel his frustrations and imagination into his creative passions and so begins a series of exciting adventures.

In Meet the Imaginative Joe Dreamer, Joe goes to the beach with his parents on a rainy day and, while that could have been a source of disappointment for some, Joe uses it to imagine a whale which then suddenly appears and gives him a big smile.

Children are creative souls and this book feeds their imagination while encouraging them to explore that creativity. It is perfect for older children, who can read it by themselves, or for younger children as part of a bedtime story to be read with the help of a parent.

Packed with colorful images of Caribbean settings, Meet the Imaginative Joe Dreamer is full of ideas, the art of problem solving and confidence-building scenarios.

See how you can support and develop your child’s creative inclination with this beautifully illustrated and fun book.

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