My Invisible Monster: a space flight (Fantasy story about Billy and his invisible monster)

My Invisible Monster: A space flight’ Promisesto bea bestselleramong numerous children'sbooks.
Amazing fantasy story offers easy rhymes, imaginative scenes, favorite characters, and much more.

This book is a new release from promising and already popular children's fantasy author Alex G. King. This delightful fantasy story offers a daily dose of kindness, fun and magic featuring sweet scenes with a lovely monster.

The reviews of this newly published book have proved how amazing and interesting are the illustrations, characters and the plot. Do not hesitate to get this stunning book with an enjoyable BONUS- an interesting and educative bedtime story “Sweet dreams: Little bear”.

In this sweet fantasy story little Billy has a strong desire to take off into space and discover the secrets of the universe. He climbs into his special spacesuit, puts on his space boots, keeps jumping up and somehow finds himself in a magical environment. Unfortunately he has no friend to explore the mysteries of space. At once a kind-hearted and naughty monster appears in Billy’s bedroom. They have a very funny time together and the Monster promises to take him to the Moon and chase the dreams!

My invisible Monster: A space flight’ is the first part of the astonishing and magic story which will make children travel in space with Billy and the Monster, discover new things and be a part of an amazing and educative space journey.

About author
Alex G. King, born on July 7, 1988, once made a decision to bring to life the glorious wonders and adventurous tales in the heart of his beloved hometown Los Angeles focusing on the creative mind and kind heart of the children in all over the world.
He knew what he would highlight in each of the books he would publish. He made his mind to educate children through the warm-hearted stories. These stories would engage adults in children's entertainment and would give them an opportunity to enjoy them with their parents. 


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