Reflections of Sandra: An inspirational Story of How A Mother's Passing Brought Her Daughter to Life      

Local Author Beats Depression by Writing and Shaving Head for Cancer

Brisbane resident, Michelle Heynen, struggled with depression for three years after her mother’s death from cancer – until she discovered the gift in her experience. All is revealed in her new book, Reflections Of Sandra.

Michelle’s experience was that death, grief and depression were taboo subjects, and that some friends dropped off the radar. She then discovered the importance of having the right people in her life. 

“I found that even though my mother Sandra was gone, nothing was missing. Because I found people coming into my life that held the traits that I had loved most about my mother.”
Michelle shifted from overwhelming grief and depression to gratitude. “My mother now lives in my heart and I feel nothing but joy and gratitude.”

Michelle began journaling her experience of depression and grief and “rising up out of the ashes, like a phoenix”. She discovered a passion for writing and a love for helping other people find the spark again as she had, and to help them through the cancer and grief journey. The result is her “touching” and “uplifting book”, Reflections of Sandra