The Girl Inside      

How do you walk away from a job to die for? You can't. Not when you're next on your company's hit list.
Jo Lavelle is one of the chosen new hires at Butterfly Investments - London's premiere hedge fund. Butterfly is famous for their top secret trading model... and making their customers filthy rich. Jo is now on the fast track to climb to the inner circle of London's financial elite.
The long hours and strange interview tactics are all worth it...
Until the threads started to unravel, and the first body turned up.
When she uncovers a secret that some would kill to protect, Jo finds herself fighting for her life. As she's thrown into the web of intrigue surrounding Butterfly Investments, she can't know who might help her... or who would rather her dead.
How many people are they willing to silence to protect the firm?
Just who do you trust when you're in the viper's nest?
Can Jo unravel the mystery - and save herself?
A harsh look into the world of insider trading, corporate intrigue and shadowy figures who will kill to protect their secret... "The Girl Inside" is the gripping new financial thriller from Susan Culligan. You'll be on the edge of your seat from the first page to its shocking conclusion.
Praise for "The Girl Inside":
"Brilliantly written. Couldn't put it down. Thank you!"
"Your imagination is WILD. Good job!"
"'s just making me remember the reason behind my desire for reading."
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