The Life Engine      

She's a hurricane. He's a pariah. The world is in their hands. 

"THE LIFE ENGINE is a tremendous debut novel. The twists and turns were riveting... (I) couldn't put it down. Rick Baker is a hot new talent in the publishing world." — (Stephen Frey, New York Times Best Selling Author)

Ian Wolfe is a man disgraced. The former Olympic decathlete went from cereal boxes to tabloids after a doping scandal, and he hopes a second career as a CIA officer can get him back in America's good graces. 

April Gentry is a woman on a mission. She's a world-renowned ethnobotanist, and she's made it her calling to fulfill her late father's legacy by bringing a life-altering medication from the Amazon to the general public.

And though he is the last person on earth she wants to trust, when Gentry' is wrongly accused of hacking into a CIA satellite, Wolfe is the only person who's willing to fight to clear her name. There's just one catch: he'll have to defy the agency that gave him a second chance to do it.

Pursued by every law enforcement agency in America, as well as a mysterious man who thinks he's one of the angels of the apocalypse, Wolfe and Gentry must race across two continents calling on ancient arts to advanced tech to survive. Failure won't just put them in danger. April's very life is in Wolfe's hands.

'The Life Engine' is an ecological thriller that takes government action through a Da Vinci Code-like puzzle by way of the Amazon rainforest. "Witty, atmospheric, possessing uncommon depth." If you like fast-paced environmental suspense, thought-provoking plots, and breathless action, then you'll love Rick Baker's intrigue-laced debut novel. 

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