The Ripples Spread     

Rob Trenton, owner of Trenton Industry, a successful mining equipment enterprise in Adelaide, South Australia. Was not content, he wanted more from life. 
His wife Amanda, A paraplegic due to a horrific car accident, though with a deep commitment to get on with her life, becomes a thriving business woman. 
Deeply shocked when Rob suddenly informs her of his proposed intentions. 
A tragedy takes place. 
Rob’s life changes. Time passes. His childhood friends, Will and Jane Devlin, Will his factory manager, Jane his office manager. Rob decides to try to manipulate their lifestyle to bring about his earlier ambitions, a sexual liaison with the two of them. 
Not content with just this entanglement, he wants more. Brett Barnet, his young assistant and his girlfriend Pamela Hames, Become targets for Rob’s kinky sexual drive. 
This leads them all into a lifestyle they never expected.