They Are On MARS     

A world on the brink of shattering, scientists tasked with finding a solution, in the midst of this chaos, two unlikely protagonists take the stage. A girl with too much to lose and a boy with no reason to care about it or her. A rash decision made by people who were unqualified to make it, because of an unnecessary feud finally explained to people who may not be able to or even want to understand it.

"I am supposed to be writing an article, but I would rather tell a story, I have always found articles to be rather impersonal and I can’t call it a paper because that reminds me of my parents and the underlying implication that I have succeeded in emulating them like I was once obsessed which sends an unwelcome shiver down my spine. I wouldn’t be able to tell you how I got the idea to pick up the colony project without talking about my parents, after all, this story started off as their story before I picked it up like a little thief and made it mine. Who I am, all I have done, and my reasons for doing them, these are the things the world asks me, and these are also the things I will try to explain. .."

The girl
Too smart to ignore the truth, too smart to fit in, the girl is torn between two difficult choices. Ruth lives in a world that has no idea that it's dying, her parents are scientists given the task of finding a solution to ensure the survival of the human race. Too wise for her years, she is exposed to the reality of the impending doom and then it all unravels. Trapped between a father who wants her to make him proud and a mother who wants her to enjoy her youth, Ruth has to wade through the process of becoming her own person. Shackled with worries about her future and her parents' approval,
The boy
Too arrogant to accept defeat, the boy fights her all the way. Used to being the smartest person in the room, Andre doesn't always have his priorities straight. Thrown into a new place chock-full with expectations he believes he will have no problem meeting, he is well on his way to fulfilling them when it happens; he meets her. Maybe the right thing to say would be she met him,

"There is a moment of confusion, when you hear that your nation has been attacked and this time, not with guns or armed men, but with bombs. Nowhere to escape from it, a horrible fate, to know that running won’t do anything much to help you, but still knowing that you have to run, even if you cannot escape the blast, you still run. Even though you don’t know anyone from that area, you sit in your house, turn on the television and watch the news, the images of total devastation, the effect of the bomb is so all encompassing that all the cameras capture is a wasteland, all trace of life; gone, no trees, no animals, no water, no uncontaminated water to be precise. You switch to another news channel and you see the president being pelted with the same questions … "
The dilemma 
Unfortunately, it does not look like the human race even wants to survive, poised on the edge of a cliff, it seems like they are determined to send themselves hurtling to the bottom just because they have the power to. But some have determined that they won't go down with the planet, and then the pressure mounts, this time the stakes are higher. Scientists are pitted against each other and old feuds gain more traction as the planet's expiry date draws closer, everyone has a theory, everyone has a plan. But nothing that can work, and all hope seems lost, until...

The decision 
There's a story that was being written at the same time as the dilemma, but it is a story so silent that it was dwarfed by the news of impending doom for the planet, so this story carried on, quietly in the shadows, until it couldn't bear to hide any longer. The boy and the girl analysed their options and settled on a decision that affected the whole planet. 
Their story was etched into this decision and they dove into it with a single mindedness that went unnoticed until it was too late.