Waiting for Rice

Go to sleep, go to work, pay your bills and watch all the happy married people enjoy their lives…

This is Robert Fenton’s daily existence. He wakes up in his home in the suburbs, drives a forklift all day, goes to sleep, and then starts the process all over again.

Robert also dreams. He dreams of stopping the cycle and finding the adventure and excitement he has always wanted. He searches for a way to stop the unbearable loneliness he feels every second.

Then, one day, Robert decides to stop dreaming and start living. He quits his job to travel through Southeast Asia. Robert connects with a friend in the Philippines, but it all falls apart once again. Waiting for his flight in Bangkok, Thailand, Robert finds himself at another crossroads.

A series of unforeseen events keeps him in the beautiful country, and Robert starts to understand how truly unhappy he was back in America. The Thai people welcome him with open arms, and Robert finds the happiness and fulfillment he has always longed for.

Through author Scott Federman’s powerful new novel, you will be inspired to look at the cycles of your own life and do something daring!