10 Keys to Financial Freedom At An Early Age: Retire Young On A Modest Salary


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10 Keys to Financial Freedom at an Early Age While Earning Only A Modest Salary

The author offers some sound financial advice, and reveals how she was able to experience financial freedom after only 30 years of work for a modest salary followings the advice in this book. The author lives debt free between beach condos in Long Beach, CA and Hilton Head Island, SC. and manages her small real estate portfolio to supplement traditional retirement income. The author discloses the formula in easy to follow, step-by-step terms.

The author reiterates throughout the book that financial freedom is available to anyone willing to follow these steps; and that achieving financial freedom does not require one to earn a large salary or have any special skills or advanced education.

The book chapters includes advice on: The differences and balance of Good Debt vs. Bad Debt; Resisting Lifestyle

Inflation; Budgeting and Stewardship; Honoring God with Tithes and First Fruit; Living Below Your Means; Setting Financial Goals; Mastering Delayed Gratification; Diversifying Investments; Effective Time Management; and Being Grateful and Content with What You Have.

This is a must-have in your library. Not only to read, but to reread and refer to on a regular basis.


10 Keys to Financial Freedom at an Early Age: Retire Young on a Modest Salary

By Teena Smith

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