10 Lessons in Power Psychology: Psychology Tips and Techniques For People Who Would Never Visit A Pscychologist's Office (Ten Lessons Series) (Volume 1)

Ever wonder what a visit to a Psychologist’s Office might be like? What might be talked about?

You can get a good idea from reading TEN LESSONS IN POWER PSYCHOLOGY, by Michael Abruzzese, Ph.D., a licensed clinical psychologist and former Clinical Instructor at Harvard Medical School.

‘Dr A’ practices Cognitive Behavioral Therapy  (CBT), so he’s different from most other psychologists. “My work is primarily about applying clinical psychology to practical, real-world experiences. CBT is very much a strategic, problem-solving, solution-based application of psychological principles, not the dramatic ’touchy-feely’ approach that Hollywood scriptwriters are so fond of portraying. I’m not like those psychologists that you see portrayed in TV shows or movies and neither is the work that I do.

“So I wrote Ten Lessons to help people who might otherwise never have access to an experienced Cognitive Behavioral Psychologist. Psychologists are in short supply in many rural of the USA and there are many parts of the world where people in need of practical psychological help, but have no access to any type of psychological help at all. I wrote this book as a type of ‘psychology sampler’ for them.

Readers will learn how to: 

• Improve sleep quality. 
• Help children improve their grades. 
• Turbocharge exercise workouts. 
• Increase reading speed. 
• Improve work relationships. 
• Reduce worrying. 
• Stop procrastinating...and more!  

Best of all, the psychology tips and techniques in each chapter can be started by using just FOUR STEPS!

You can learn more about the book, or sign up for Dr. Abruzzese’s newsletter by going to www.TenLessonsInPowerPsychology.com