An Evening in Guanima: A Treasury of Folktales from The Bahamas

The EBook Release of An Evening in Guanima by Patricia Glinton-Meicholas

Ever heard of the Gaulin Woman? Do you know why serpents don’t have legs? Or why a three-legged donkey talks and flies? I can pretty much guarantee that you’ve never read about or encountered the characters in the book An Evening in Guanima. This unique treasury of original stories, based on the folktale themes and characters of the Bahamas “Ol’ Story” tradition, is beautifully written by one of the leading and award-winning writers of the beautiful islands of The Bahamas—Patricia Glinton-Meicholas. View Patricia’s bio and accomplishments at

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Quite frankly, this storyteller has an exquisite way with words. As a former teacher of languages Patricia wrote An Evening in Guanima with the young reader in mind. While holding to the traditions of Bahamian storytelling and folklore, she crafted each story to teach life lessons, develop language skills and to make sure they would bring sheer delight to the reader.

Along with its fascinating characters, An Evening in Guanima is loaded with wry metaphor and hilarious dialogue to keep readers engaged, entertained and amused. There are magic drums, ghosts, obedient and disobedient children, heroes, tricksters and birds that assume human form, holding sway in a world where poetic justice always brings about a satisfactory ending. This is the stuff of An Evening in Guanima.