Bedtime Inspirational Stories: 50 Amazing Black People Who Changed the World      

Help your child develop a strong sense of self by following these stories that can equip children with the powerful mantra: We Are Masters of Our Own Destiny.

Bedtime Inspirational Stories… celebrates the achievements of the amazing black women and men who have paved the way for future generations.

Moral Stories.

Unfortunately, in today’s world, it can be a challenge to raise positive kids, as they are constantly bombarded with negative messages. More than ever, parents and teachers need to create a positive atmosphere for our children in order to help them believe in themselves.

That’s why we’ve proudly created this richly illustrated and inspiring book, Bedtime Inspirational Stories: 50 Amazing Black People Who Changed the World, which highlights the achievements and stories of fifty notable women and men from the 18th century to today. Some were born slaves, some grew up in poverty, and some had physical or emotional challenges. Some were born many years ago, and some are still with us. The stories in the book include those of political activists, scientists, artists, musicians, inventors, businesspeople, Nobel prize winners, and more.

Black Superheroes

Every single one of these individuals overcame adversities and changed the world, building a way for others to live better lives. Each one worked hard and maintained self-confidence, even when others expressed doubt or said their dreams couldn’t be achieved. 

Inspiring Stories

Children looking for inspiration will surely find it here. This fun and inspiring collection of influential stories provides fifty illustrated examples of strong, independent role models, all of whom had a profound impact on the world. Personal aspirations from today’s youth are also interspersed throughout the book, so that each story has its own life lesson alongside a positive message. It’s never too soon to start making a difference, and these stories are exhilarating examples of power in action to make for ideal motivation. 

Positive Affirmations

The book also contains fifty positive affirmations, and we encourage you to say them aloud with your child every day. Why affirmations? These positive self-statements, when repeated over time, are capable of convincing a child that the statements are true. This is a powerful way to boost their self-esteem.

Why is it important for young kids to know they matter? Children can feel small and insignificant in a busy and complicated world, and begin to question their place in life. The affirmations found in this book can counteract this effect while allowing them to grow. 

As parents and educators, there are three important things that we can give to our children: good memories, a good education, and a sense of self-worth. 

Our team has created this book to help you to achieve these goals. There are no better memories than the times when we share books with our children. We hope that the positive messages and affirmations throughout this book will improve your child’s self-esteem. Lastly, we should here acknowledge that every story in this book would merit a book by itself; hopefully, these snippets will inspire you and your child to learn more about each person.

Short Stories for Kids

With vivid, compelling art and quotes, this book shows its readers that no matter what obstacles may lie ahead, they should never give up on their dreams. Simply, this beautiful book is about the potential within each of us to pursue our dreams and shape our own paths. It is a treasure to cherish with your family forever.

We hope that you find inspiration in these pages, whether you’re a girl or a boy, a parent or a teacher! These women and men are black heroes, and they’re part of our history and culture. And no matter who you are, you have a special mission on this planet.

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