Josie Steele is a doctor in Lenora Regional Hospital in southern Missouri. In that small town, 
everybody knows her, because she is always kind and courageous with her patients. In fact,
Josie loves her job, even those days when things are too hectic in the hospital.

Her life will change when an elderly woman with signs of a heart attack will come into the hospital.
By her side is her attractive son, a handsome man named Blake Ingram. However, Josie is too
busy taking care of the mother, that she hardly notices Blake. That is, until Blake send her flowers
to thank her for helping his mother.

Josie has been hurt in the past, so working all day long in the hospital has kept her away from love
- and pain. But Blake does not give up.

Will Josie fall for Blake's charm?
Will she be able to open up again?
Can Blake get her too see that love does exist and can last?

All these answers and more within the pages of this book.