Dream Job in 90 Days: Practical Steps for Career Success


"Dream Job in 90 Days" is a story of young professionals in search of their dream jobs. This book is, however, more than just a story. It is also a "how-to" book. It is the ultimate "how-to-get-your-dream-job" book. If getting a great job is important for you, then buying this book will be the most important first step! By picking up this book, you will have started your journey towards success in professional life. You will soon find that this book may prove to be perhaps the most valuable investment of your life. If you are a fresher and are submitting your resume to jobsites for the first time and are just getting started, you will find the book extremely useful. Even if you have got years of work experience under your belt, have shifted multiple jobs in the past few years and are on all job sites, you will still need this book because despite your experience you may be making lots of common mistakes. So are you ready to be challenged with new perspectives, new questions and new facts about the most important aspect of your work life? If making more money matters to you, then no book you've ever bought has more potential. This book will really help you in making more money by enabling you to get better jobs over the span of your professional life. www.yourdreamjob.in

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