Dreamwalking: Based on the TRUE STORY of a defiant young man


‘DREAMWALKING’ is based on the true story of a gifted young athlete named J.W. 
He is accidentally pushed off a cliff which leaves him paralyzed from the waist down at 23 years old.

This happens long before the American’s with Disabilities Act, so his life gets much worse after the accident. He has no money. His girlfriend doesn’t want him any more. His father’s out of the picture. So, he ends up in a state-run nursing home which turns out to be a cuckoo’s nest for old people.

He’s now in a wheelchair and living with a comedic cast of unusual characters. Fortunately, his grey haired African-American roommate becomes this young man’s best friend and confidant. The old man even helps him with a plan to get him out. 

The plan soon becomes derailed by the head of the nursing home. The Headmaster enlists his two “gang-member” type nurse’s aides to intimidate our paralyzed young man. Turns out he is brilliant and gifted. He overcomes all his hurdles and becomes a hero to the old folks and many more in his life. More stunning, what he achieves while in this strange sort of purgatory becomes of national significance in America. The first paralyzed person to be accepted into medical school.