Earth Seven: And the History Department at the University of Centrum Kath     

A wrecked spaceship, two young boys. 
22 years ago a spacecraft crashed on Earth Seven. 
Now one of the boys that found the wreckage is on the cusp of unifying the planet under his rule. 

Allor will finally stop the centuries of cult wars. He heals the sick with alien technology and the people love him for it. 

His sister collects the heads of his rivals. His mother has created a religion for everyone to worship him. He even has an interstellar drive but incorrectly thinks it is a weapon. 
Oh, dear.

Koven Modi, a rookie field historian, is sent to Earth Seven* to investigate the use of advanced comms technology on a planet rated Primitive 3 and under strict contact quarantine. 

Koven is well-trained, well-armed and well-scared.
Lucky for him he has Rusa, the latest model android. Her job is to keep him alive and out of trouble, mostly. 

Koven's goals are simple: stay alive and not get dumped by another girlfriend. Staying alive might be easier. 

He's a historian and that means he is required by law and license to always tell the truth. 100% of the time. No weasel wording. No omitting facts. Nothing but the truth. While this makes historians the one source of objective truth in the universe, and extremely valuable, it sure makes relationships difficult. Simple questions like 'how do I look' are best avoided with a historian. 

And Tanit is getting near the end of her rope. She's invested a lot into their relationship but she demands the full IKEA experience and Koven is not stepping up. 

His employer, The History Department at the University of Centrum Kath, operates the largest probability calculator in the universe. Calcus Majorus can calculate the probability of all possible outcomes in the universe. Imagine that, all outcomes, including the odds of you stubbing your toe today.

Historians use the results to carefully choose interventions in order to change the future. 
Sometimes its a helping hand. Sometimes its murder.
But the pay and benefits are excellent, if you survive.

Welcome to the universe after the great intergalactic war between the forces of Good and Evil versus the rest of us. Fortunately the rest of us won. Now it is administrated by the University of Centrum Kath, the largest repository of knowledge and learning in the universe. Slightly inefficient but well catered.

*By tradition, all quarantined planets are called Earth and given a numerical designation. For example, If you are reading this on Amazon, you are on Earth Five.

If you find alien technology, don't try to become a god. It may not turn out as planned.

Get Earth Seven now because its all about to hit the fan. 
(Book one of the History Department at the University of Centrum Kath trilogy)

The halls of Science Fiction Satire are filled with the works of great writers like Douglas Adams, Kurt Vonnegut, Terry Pratchett and many more. I slid my minor contribution under the door late one night with a note.