Eden Wakes (Eden Factions Book 1)


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What if the world we live in is a lie? What if reality is just a thinly-veiled illusion?

Kayla Odachi is a 16-year-old orphan bouncing around the foster system since her mother died seven years ago under suspicious circumstances. Odd occurrences have been plaguing Kayla ever since. Preoccupied with these mysterious forces, Kayla was wholly unprepared for the life-altering tragedy heading her way. 

The ensuing chaos crosses Kayla to a world where illusion is reality, and she must learn to distinguish the two to survive — or be the latest casualty of an epic struggle spanning thousands of years. Will Kayla figure out the secrets surrounding her? Or maybe the better question, will you? 

Eden Wakes is a tightly-paced, suspenseful, fantasy thriller about ancient conspiracies and secret wars. The novel takes a deep look into the mysteries of the human potential with complex characters, historical details, and thought-provoking twists.