Ketogenic Diet: Your Keto Diet Rulebook for Success and Fulfillment: Creating the Fundamentals of Your Ultimate Body (Ketogenic Diet for begginers, Book 1)     

Ketogenic Diet: Your Keto Diet Rulebook for Success and Fulfillment: Creating the Fundamentals of Your Ultimate Body


The Core Of Keto


People come to the Keto Diet for a wide array of reasons including the desire to lose weight, gain weight, build muscle, and have more energy. No matter what your motivation is, you need to discover the core building blocks of health and fitness and how the Keto diet will help you get where you want to go. This book is packed with actionable guidelines that make it one of the most wonderful Keto Diet books for beginners. Even if you've been following the Keto Diet for some time, the updated information in this book will answer all your questions and help you to overcome your struggles with it.


The Science of Keto


The Ketogenic Diet will teach you how the Keto Diet works with your body to make you leaner, more fit, and full of energy. To understand how the Keto Diet works, you must first understand how health and fitness work in your body. This book explains it all in an easy to understand way. In addition to knowing what it is you have to do to follow the Keto Diet, you'll understand why you have to do it, and why it's not enough just to know something. When you know why you have to do something it motivates you to stick to the program you've chosen to do. Additionally, this Keto guide will highlight the benefits you'll receive when you follow the Keto diet, including a healthier body and much more energy.


Here is a glimpse of what you're going to learn and take from this book.



    • Fundamental Fitness - Discover the fundamentals of how your body works and how to achieve fitness through the Keto Diet. More than just a Keto Diet Book, this book focuses on health and fitness in general and the Keto Diet in particular.


    • Keto Diet Explained - Learn the rules of the Keto Diet and what you need to do to reach your fitness goals whether they be to lose weight, be healthy, or have more energy. This rulebook for success gives you the actionable steps you need to succeed.


    • Discover Keto Benefits - Open the doors to your Keto lifestyle and discover the benefits you'll enjoy while following the Keto Diet. This book will become your companion on your health and fitness adventure, a reference to treasure.


    • Simple and Advanced Keto Strategies - Whether you're a beginner or are living the Keto Lifestyle, this book has all of the cutting edges, up to date, Keto information that you need to know to keep your body healthy and fit.


    • Mastering Your Body and Health - You'll also come to understand the psychology of Mastering your own body, and why Success without Fulfillment is the ultimate failure in life, and in order to really enjoy and have that feeling of happiness with your new body, you must also be fulfilled, and work on your mindset.   


    • First In A Series - The Ketogenic Diet is the first and foundation book in a series that will grow with you as you move through you Keto health and fitness journey. Return to this book as your touchstone reference while you explore more areas of the Keto lifestyle in the books to come.


    • And much more.



Don't wait, a healthier, fitter body can be yours when you follow the Keto Diet. Add this book to your shopping cart now and experience the health benefits and energy that the Keto Diet can give you.