LAZARUS LEGACY: Forever Knight     

Lazarus Legacy : Forever Knight takes readers on an action-packed thrill ride that begins over a thousand years ago and winds through the halls of today’s Vatican. In a new twist on the supernatural and the immortal, a religious war that’s raged for centuries is being fought by the Hunters and the Dark Ones. Bred during the time of the Crusades, the existence of these immortals is a dark secret the Vatican is trying desperately to hide. The last few Hunters work outside the law, fighting against the evil that the Vatican accidentally unleashed upon the world. In the Bible, Lazarus was raised by God’s hand. In this book, the stone upon which Lazarus arose absorbed God’s power and was found to have healing properties. In a time of need, the Vatican used the stone to raise its knights back from the dead, but there were unforeseen consequences. Readers will be glued until the final page. In his debut novel, write about the universal themes of good, evil and the burden of immortality.