Like One of Old: Revelation Prophet     

This story is about how God fulfilled His word in the book of Revelation. Song of the 144,000 is in this book. It is a song of repentance. Read how God used the number 7 and 666 to reveal His secrets. Prophets see visions. Prophets are sent by God with a Message. Title is in part of what an angel whispered in my ear while singing the song. "Like a song, Like one of Old." Jesus
said himself: "What you hear whispered in your ear, shout it on the housetops!"

There are amazing signs and wonders that got this prophet to his knee, bowed while singing the song. A whirlwind happened after he got up then saw a light. Two weeks later at a revival service an evangelist moving in the gifts of the Spirit singled him out and said he had been chosen... compared his calling to that of David and Moses. Confirming the voice, Like one of old! 

This book contains the song of the144,000. Bible prophecy fulfilled. Signs, wonders, and miracles. Revelation prophet Ch.11 prophet is here now. Amazing story on how God uses people. Awesome true story. Book of Revelation is coming to pass. Last days are here now. Like in the days of Lot. Days of Noah. Second coming soon to occur. Mark of the Beast 666 soon to occur. 7 year Peace Treaty coming soon. Read this book and tell others about it. Amazing story. Amazing word of knowledge given to author after he sang the song of 144,000 in Revelation chapter 7 and 14. Prophets see visions.

This story could lead the hardest of hearts to repent. Get ready for more to come soon.

Jesus was rejected by the so called spirtual leaders...and why? Pilate said he was aware they delivered Him up because of envy.
I did not call send or approve myself. 

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