The Everyday Shaman: One Man's Journey into the Miraculous     

Have you ever had a sudden flash of insight, a surprise bolt of wisdom, a sense of warning, a sudden change of mind that made you take a different direction? 

Some shrug it off or call it human instinct. But then how does it possess so much innate wisdom and insight… and sometimes even knowledge of events about to take place? 
Everyone has this spark. Some take it for granted. Some allow it to reveal true purpose and calling. 

Jeffrey Brunk followed this spark down an unfamiliar path - a path leading away from the everyday world into the world of the extraordinary and unexplainable. Slowly stepping away from the so-called “normal” life of work, church, and simple family connections, he ventured into a luminous realm, where essences of divinity and nature offered wisdom and guidance, allowing powerful energies to rise up and bring about healings. He became one of many people discovering this realm and these abilities. An “everyday shaman”. 

Jeffrey is but one of the ones who walk between the visible world and the world of invisible realities - seeing the unseen, hearing the unheard, and listening to the whispers that others ignore and connecting with the natural and universal energies that empower and heal. 
Yet, Jeffrey is no different than anyone else - a human being living with everyday struggles.

Still, his story is anything but “everyday”. It is a tour de force ride that will most certainly change your perspective on the world… and quite possibly your life. 

Do you know your purpose for being here? Are you ready to find out?