The Phantom Files: Eve     

Hell comes in many forms . . .

For ten years, Evalease “Eve” Turner found her nights were plagued with reoccurring dreams of herself as a child. This same dream played out each night as she tried to sleep. With each time it crept into her mind it never changed. She tried to forget about this strange occurrence and instead focus on her college coursework.

Then one morning, blackness engulfed her, she found herself in her own dream watching each movement of the child play out in slow sequence. She then noticed a man that was so intent on watching the youngster. She wakes up to find she is the unfamiliar surroundings of the school nurse.

Can Eve be able to get to the meaning of this dream and why she has carried it with her for so many years? When the truth begins to surface will she find a sinister evil she never knew existed? As she pieces together the puzzle of her past will she be plunged into her own living hell?