The Riddle of Narcissistic People & The Answer: How to Recognize & Outsmart their Toxic Tactics     

Experience The Riddle and The Answer 
Emotional abuse is a hard riddle to solve, because confusion is the main character. It can trick victims into staying in the dark, finding comfort in denial, or blaming themselves. Everyone deserves the bigger picture to see what's really happening to their energy, their motivation, and those unmasked Narcissistic People causing it. 

It all starts with a short riddle of The Starving Restaurant which tours the common phrases, stages, and toxic tactics associated with emotional abuse from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. With symbolism included, find yourself in this short mystery. And later take this riddle Seen-By-Scene, finding your own experiences like an Instant Replay from definitions, to techniques, to examples.

This riddle is designed psychologically to entertain immediate concerns like:

  • Am I suffering from emotional abuse?
  • Am I unknowingly entertaining a Narcissist?
  • How do I move closer to emotional health?
  • What can I expect?
And Outsmart Them & Their Toxic Ways!
Discover 10 new ways to outsmart emotional abuse:
  • The Alpha Puppet
  • Projection Reversal
  • The Flying Monkeys' Net
  • The Gravity Pull
  • Stone Wall Monopoly
  • The Rollercoaster Trap
  • The Invisible Butler
  • The Cyber Funnel
  • And more!
Discover The Difference
Tolerating a Narcissist is completely different from merely experiencing narcissistic traits. While the mere traits feel "I'm... too sexy for my shirt," a Narcissist feels "so sexy, they'll hurt" anyone who embarrasses their fragile ego! From appearance, to reputation, to their perspective, this song never stops in the toxic concert of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Over time their ego becomes an unnatural inner bond. So a narcissistic parent's favorite child is their inner child; their real kids exist only to serve the parent's ego. And in the same fashion, a lover to a Narcissist is actually the third wheel. Proof? Where is their energy (not empty words) to fight and nurture, above anything or anyone else? It's a 'twisted design!'

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