The Road to Independent Children: Step-by-Step Guide to Improving Your Child's Time Management Skills

Did you know that independent children possess higher levels of self-confidence?

In The Road to Independent Children, author Laci Olson draws on almost two decades of practical experience which has helped countless families administer proven positive parenting techniques and powerful family communication skills. These skills will allow you to relay your expectations to your children clearly and concisely, with a surprisingly simple step-by-step system that allows your children to take responsibility for managing time for themselves.

After reading this guide you will have learned these important skills:

  • Clear expectations for discipline and consequences for bad behavior

  • Established goals for each child

  • Positive Discipline and Positive Parenting plans

  • Increased family motivation

  • Improved family communication

  • How to reach children with health and behavior issues, like ADHD, ADD and autism

  • Independent Children!