Total Financial Independence: 9 Canadian Financial Myths Debunked: learn the myths and realities of the money game so your money works hard, not you!      

Money is something that is used every single day by everyone, but ironically no one is taught in school how money actually works. 
As a result too many Canadians are ill-prepared and we will spend our lives working for money instead of getting money to work for us. 
Total Financial Independence is an easy-to-read finance book specifically for Canadians, though anyone can benefit from this book. 
It is intended to increase your level of financial literacy by showing you how money actually works, educating and empowering you to make more prudent financial decisions and ultimately getting you on the path towards financial freedom. 
You'll learn how to maximize your long-term wealth while minimizing risks with financial strategies and ideas not regularly discussed by banks and the broader financial services industry because of conflicts of interest that place profit over people.

This book debunks several common Canadian financial myths including:

-You're Too Young To Start Investing
-Debt Is Always A Liability
-Mortgage Payments Cannot Be Tax-Deductible
-You Don’t Need Life Insurance 
-Investing Only Delays Being Taxed On Income

You will also learn:
-The Importance Of A Good Advisor
-RRSP Information Tips
-The Different Ways Of Paying Investment Tax
-General Tax-Saving Tips

Don't wait to start becoming financially smart, no matter what age you are.
Grab your copy today and start investing in your future!


"A crisp, no-nonsense guide to today's precarious financial climate and 9 solid opportunities to protect and grow your savings. Kahn really delivers the goods. This isn't your father's financial advice!" 
-Jim Molinelli PhD, Bestselling Author of "Remodel Without Going Bonkers or Broke" 

"This book is like having your very own financial advisor on your Kindle. I wish we learned this stuff in school! Yes, this book is written for Canadians, but even if you live in another country you will still learn a ton." 
-Ashley Emma, bestselling author of Fearless Author and Undercover Amish 

"It can be confusing to find reliable money management information for Canadians, particularly answering the questions of younger adults. Which is better – rent or buy? If you buy, should you pay down your mortgage first, or invest? Do you really need life insurance? What type? How do you protect your money from excessive tax? And how can you make your money work harder for you, instead of you working harder for your money?
Here is the one book to read if you know you need more good information but don’t know where to start. This book helps Canadian readers quickly gain a much better understanding of how money works and learn the secret – and winning – investment strategies. Particularly recommended for millennials, but it also contains information I (a member of the boomer club) hadn’t encountered before that’s going to help as I head into retirement! Highly recommended!" 
-Jacquelyn Elnor Johnson, MBA, publisher at Crimson Hill Books.