Where Are the Lions?: Tales from the New Jerusalem


Jesus has returned, Judgment Day is over, God has created a new heaven and a new earth where people will live forever in the New Jerusalem.

What is that life like? Is it a world of disembodied spirits sitting around playing harps and singing hymns of praise to God? A somewhat boring world?

Fortunately, God has promised us much more: Our bodies shall be resurrected, and our new lives shall be what God originally intended them to be. This novel describes how that eternal life might be: An active life, full of love and exploration and a close relationship with God.

Kate is a cartographer, trying to draw maps of the new world. But why do the trees and mountains seem to move as the centuries go by? Anna is a zoologist, studying the changes that animals have undergone in the new world. Greg is an astronomer, wondering why the speed of light appears to be slowing down. Together with a number of friends they go on an expedition to explore unknown areas of the New Earth.

Will they also solve the mystery about what happened to the lions?

It can also be downloaded as a free e-book from http://tondering.dk/lions