Always Within; Grieving the Loss of Your Infant

Hope and healing with Always Within; Grieving the Loss of Your Infant

Have you or someone you know experienced an infant or pregnancy loss?You are not alone. Always Within; Grieving the Loss of Your Infant is like having a caring and compassionate support group at your fingertips. It's a compilation of stories from people who have had to endure such a loss. Over twenty parents have dedicated their time and energy to recount the events of the moments before and after their losses to help guide and alleviate some of the pain and confusion often associated with an unexpected miscarriage and/or infant loss.Most parents who experience a loss of this nature have no idea what to do or where to turn. The loss of a baby can cause a lot of confusion. Always Within; Grieving the Loss of Your Infant is a stepping stone towards healing. 

Each chapter includes:

  • *An individual heartfelt story to help inspire and comfort those who have lost or know someone who has.
  • *Helpful advice from people who have been there, on how to cope with the devastating loss of a pregnancy or infant.
  • *Thoughts on what family and friends can do and say to help during such a difficult time.
  • *Ideas on how grieving parents can keep their child's memory alive through the years.
  • *A comforting poem, quote or bible verse.
Melissa Eshleman lost her four-day-old infant son, Lucas on May 20, 2001. She is a member of several infant loss groups and found that by helping others she was healing in the process. Melissa worked together with other parents like herself, who have suffered the loss of a pregnancy or infant loss to create this book of hope and healing. 

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