Creating Your Management Opus

Creating Your Management Opus
Laurence R. Huff
Business - Leadership/Mentoring& Coaching

Creating Your Management Opus uses an analogy of the symphonic conductor as an ideal example of an effective manager. The conductor displays the necessary techniques and tools a manager should strive to understand and employ.

“This book is for all managers and leaders or those who aspire to become leaders of others. Whether you lead the local cub scout troop, your community soccer team, a church committee or lead in the context of a non-social organization, I think you will find the tools described in the following pages to be valuable and rewarding if applied.”

More than a management leadership book full of useful tools, Creating Your Management Opus is a guide to mentorship.
“While ‘opus’ is usually intended to describe a substantial piece of music composed by a master, the word comes from the Latin term for ‘work.’ ‘Opus’ can also be used to describe works of literature, theater, other arts or our life’s work. ‘Magnum opus’ refers to the most important achievement of an artist’s or scholar’s career.
These ideas suggest a way of approaching work, or in this case, the management of others, as an opportunity to create something special – the art of work that can define some manager’s work life and produce a legacy they can be proud of.”

Go out and make the world a better place with the recognition that the management of others is a privilege.

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