Deadly Straits (A Tom Dugan Thriller Book 1)     

Three massive terrorist attacks! Three separate locations!
All planned to bring the world to its knees!
One man can prevent the carnage, but the authorities won't listen.

They're too busy trying to kill him.

Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) are all around us, hiding in plain sight, if you just know where to look. But when a cabal of international terrorists engineers not one act of terror, but three, part-time 'spook turned CIA scapegoat' Tom Dugan is the only one with a clue.

Pursuing a lead on his own and without official authorization earns Dugan a reputation as a loose cannon, a status that quickly morphs into 'person of interest' and then 'wanted fugitive' when the terrorists successfully implicate him in the first bombing.

Thus begins a non-stop thrill ride, as Dugan races around the globe in a desperate attempt to prevent the next bombings, just one step ahead of his former colleagues.

From London streets to the Singapore docks, to the decks of the tankers that slake the world's thirst for oil, with stops along the way in Panama, Langley, Virginia, and Teheran, Deadly Straits is, in the words of one reviewer, "fast-paced, multilayered and gripping." 

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