Heart's Blood

Heart's Blood 
by Shari Ramming

In Heart's Blood, book two of the Heart's Trilogy, Shari Ramming leads us through the next installment of her journey back to Love. You will feel her pain, cry her tears, feel her heightening intuition, and light up right along with her as she accelerates into closer harmony with her soul. This is a book for anyone who has overcome challenges or who is going through a difficult time. Shari's beautiful poetic words will touch your heart and give you faith, hope, and a brighter possibility for tomorrow.

Shari Ramming writes on a broad range of subjects. She feels there is a great intelligence that is not of the mind. Loving her three grown children fiercely she uses verve and wanderlust to make her home in Austin, Texas. She is still learning.
To learn more about Shari and her books, go to www.shariramming.com.