Nosy Neighbors     

Julian is used to drama, seeing ghosts tends to do that to a person's life, but when he falls for a man known as the neighborhood murderer--the dead help him uncover secrets no housewife could predict.

Julian has spent years avoiding his ability to see the dead, but when he falls for the neighborhood gossip, a murderer, he knows only the dead can tell him the truth.

The neighborhood gossips says Julian is dating a murderer, the ghosts of the past tell him a different tale, forcing him to embrace a side of himself he's suppressed for years.

Moving into a suburban, middle class, stereotypical neighborhood was never on Julian's to do list. When his identical twin brother inherits their Aunt's house in such a place, then finds a good job, Julian reluctantly follows. He expected to feel isolated by being the only gay person on the block, okay, more likely the zip code, but a few nosy housewives eagerly inform him the neighbor across the street is gay, and punned, Mr. Creepersen, due to several murders that occurred in his basement five years ago.

Mr. Creepersen murdered his husband, and possibly an elderly neighbor, after suffering years of spousal abuse. Or so the neighborhood gossip claims. Soon, Julian has caught Mr. Creepersen's attention, which would be unsettling in normal circumstances, but when Julian misses a dose of his meds, he begins to see things that shed light on past events. Events the neighborhood residents, dead and alive, don't want attention refocused on. Julian learns more murders occurred on their street than what people are aware of and his new lover, the neighborhood murderer, might not be the most dangerous person residing on the block.


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