Return of The Captive-The Hologram Experience     

The initial saga in serious one revealed the complicated lives of the office staff the twist and turns of their intriguing experiences; where some have been held captive by life’s journey. The protagonist Sherry Williamson is a young assertive supervisor who works in the editorial department for the prestigious Silverstone Advertising Agency, and became enthralled while napping on her desk at work when suddenly hearing a mysterious voice emanating the computer calling her name, at first deciding to brush this extraordinary experience off as a revelation of her imagination; then months later discovered that the...'Mystical Hologram' character was not a figment of her imagination after all. 
As time passed this mysterious hologram vernacular suddenly changed in rapidity; articulating in extreme preciseness in his own special universal language further revealing, that indeed he was not of this Earth. 
The hologram answered many of Sherry's questions and while advising that she was chosen to be visited by him. The hologram explained his universal concept of; Religion, Science, Parallel Universes, and Quantum Universal Laws, and of UFO’s and further confirming that there is life on other planets. 
The protagonist learns of the holograms mysterious awarded power: "The Privilege Art." After months of communicating and training with the hologram; it became evident that it was now time for her astral travel to the mysterious parallel universes. 
Series two delves further involving the lives of the office staff; and the Silvertone Advertising Agency twenty years later… Experienced struggles, complications incurred and the possible triumphs acquired.
The protagonist Sherry Williamson car breaks down in a tremendous snow storm and is stranded on a secluded road in the wilderness of Lancaster County Pennsylvania; attempting to walk freezing miles for help…when suddenly hearing the ominous dangerous sounds of howling wolves approaching. Once again the protagonist is confronted by a mysterious hologram and learns a viable revelation.