The Influence of Military Strategies to Business

The Influence of Military Strategies to Business looks like a great business tactic book.  Do you have, or plan to have any additional business strategy books written?
Yes. In fact I am attempting to release a new, MORE powerful, and maybe even more sinister book in late October or early November. This book, “The Influence of Military Strategies to Business,” is intended to get your beak wet. The next book WILL be much more comprehensive, and more psychological.
What do you think makes a great business book?
 A great business book appeals to ALL audiences. It should be able to be understood by novices to experts without feeling like its a text book. Subsequently it must also provide adequate information that would demonstrate its value to whoever its reader may be. Clear, concise, coherent, and, definitely, informative i.e.: the information MUST BE actionable.

What inspired you when writing The Influence of Military Strategies to Business?
This work was inspired by many of the world's greats. But, ultimately, the inspiration must be accredited to Sun Tzu, because it was his work “Art of War,” that this book is based on.

What are your ambitions for your writing career?  Full time?  Part time?
I've always loved to read and write. I seemed to find myself reading more than writing though because I felt I lacked the ability to write like the people I so admired. Only after nosy people found some of my writings and praising them did I look to explore the art further. I started to share my work with those who can provide me with unbiased opinions and they, too, praised my work. So I started to take it more seriously. I write mostly to teach and inspire my loved ones. Everyone else is able to be blessed with the same information that I provide my family...the same information that has made me many fortunes.
When did you decide to become a writer?
Well, as I've stated before, I always wanted to write. I just never felt I had the ability. At least not to the standard of those who I read. Now I am of the belief that it is my purpose in life to turn all those valuable teachings from our philosophiers and intellectual geniuses into a simple, yet complete instruction for my generation, for my family.

When writing The Influence of Military Strategies to Business did anything stand out as particularly challenging?
What is challenging is taking a 2000+ year old master piece and transforming it into a practical and worthwhile business manual.

How did you come up with the concepts of The Influence of Military Strategies to Business?
I am a reader of history. I love all things perfect. And the “Art of War” book seemed to fit this “perfect” model. So because I learned a great deal from this book I thought a modern-day version, applied to my interests in life i.e.: business; politics; communications; leadership; management; etc., would be a great book for my peers--and my family.

What do you like to do when not writing?
Anything business or investment related, I'm in it. I'll find businesses or investments, because I'm bored, just to flip them into some extra spending money. Of course my “extra spending money” tends to be a bit more than most people's idea of such.

How can readers discover more about you and your work?
I have had a website developed for this purpose:

Though it is up and running, it is technically still under construction. I'll be adding various features--including guest blogging for my future business partners i.e. my readers & fans. Additionally, I am generating a mailing list to keep the readers, my future students & partners, well informed about what is new and coming. They ALL are more than willing to write me personally, as I reply to all of my readers.

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