The Pursuit of Craze     

On a whim, Allie Trask packed up her Southern roots, and moved to L.A. to be with her new love- the darkly captivating metal singer, Daemon Craze, leaving North Carolina and the painful memories of her parents’ deaths behind. And it’s all coming up aces for her, until the day she comes home to find seven raven-haired strangers in their living room. Daemon, usually a force to be reckoned with, won’t make eye contact, Allie’s arm hair is standing on end, and all in all something just ain’t right.

Worse than that, actually, she finds, once she digs a little deeper into the newcomers. Family they may be, but human they are not, and she soon learns their true intention- to eliminate her beloved, as Daemon’s very existence is the damning evidence of prior misdeeds. And after witnessing a murder, and accidentally committing one against the creatures herself, Allie shifts into action.

Stepping way out of her comfort zone, and using the only weapons available to her on short notice— sex, drugs, rock & roll, taser guns, and stripper poles, she goes after the creatures one by one, and proves that behind her sweet southern charms, it is she, after all, who is the true force to be reckoned with.