We're All Gonna Die: Musings on the Human Condition

We’re All Gonna Die: Musings on the Human Condition
Now Available in Paperback and Digital eBook

For Immediate Release – Raleigh, NC – Derek Levandowski, offer of the popular 2016 collection Musings of a Human and 2017’s illustrated “children’s book for adults” Pinchy the Creepy Crayfish, has released his latest effort.  The book, which attempts to take a humorous and logical look at death and human mortality is titled We’re All Gonna Die: Musings on the Human Condition
“I wanted to tackle a delicate subject,” said Levandowski. “I wanted to sort of take the teeth out of the beast. We live in a world with so much uncertainty, where death is always on our mind. I wanted to take on the subject because it’s something that every single one of us must face, and it’s something that we all need to wrap our minds around.”
Despite the deep subject, Levandowski insists that the book is not religious in nature. It tackles larger subjects such as whether or not belief in a higher power is warranted, and lighter ones – such as the weirdest ways in which people have died.
“I am not a religious man. I consider myself agnostic, so I guess you can say this is written from the agnostic perspective. I wanted to keep it somewhat light but also provide something that will inspire those who read it to think deeply about what they believe,” said Levandowski.
Levandowski says this book is a true follow-up to his popular 2016 book Musings of a Human.
“Really, I feel like this is some of my best work.  A lot of people told me that the chapter (in the first book) that dealt with mortality was their favorite. And I realized there was a lot more to say on the subject.”
We’re All Gonna Die: Musings on the Human Condition is available now on Amazon.com and wherever books are sold.  The initial pricing for the paperback is $9.99, while the Kindle and eBook versions are available for free.

“I didn’t write this book to make money,” said Levandowski. “Especially with the tragic events that have happened recently, I wanted to make this available to people who may be struggling with the thought of death. If you have a Kindle, it’s free. Just enjoy it and let it inspire some deep thought.”

 For press inquiries, please contact Derek Levandowski at (919) 412-8858.


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