Wizard at War: a Marshal of Magic file (Witchmas Book 0)


Want a great intro to the Marshal of Magic Series? Grab your copy Wizard at War free now until Sunday and get ready for book 3 out in 2 weeks.

The Marshal of Magic is back in action in this action packed prequel to the Witchmas series.

When Al Queda gets a Pakastani witch to do some dirty work, the Marshal is sent in to clean up the bad magic and stop a human sacrifice that would summon a demon to wipe out the US Army.

Can he stop her in time?

The Prequel to Witchmas is out now. I wrote this after hearing a podcast about TS Paul switching genres. I've had some good success with the Battlefield Z series, but this is a story I've been playing with for awhile about a magical law enforcement team of specialists who are tasked with tracking witches and wizards who have gone bad.

The Witchmas series has books 1-3 outlined. Book 1, WITCHMAS should be out in the next 7 days, followed by book 2 and 3 in the weeks after. I'm writing these fast as part of my March challenge.

If they find traction and readers, I've got books 4-9 outlined to finish and will pop one up as fast as I can write them.