Finding Peace      

A must read for anyone who has suffered loss. A uniquely written account of author's tumultuous spiritual journey shared with raw honesty, candor & humor. A read that will change your heart, soul, mind and spirit forever.

Compelling account of the author's spiritual journey, unlike any other personal story. Joyce openly shares her struggles through countless losses, several chronic disabling illnesses, alcoholism, a childhood full of false beliefs and woundedness that lead to poor choices, self-sabotage, and lots of emotional pain. Victoria Joyce writes in a way that has you feeling that she is right next to you, having a personal one on one conversation with her. She also shares raw honesty and talks about issues most Christian authors shy away from, such as premarital sex, feelings of not fitting in or feeling loved, anger at God and a planned suicide. Joyce's candor and touches of humor, just at the right time, helps readers know that it is OK to not be OK and that self-forgiveness can be achieved through God's grace. Most importantly, through all her many loses in her life, inner struggles between her false beliefs and God's truths, she is able to see God's hands at work in her life and reach a place down deep in her gut and sole, that she knows, God will always be there for and provide for her. God's love is real and unconditional which is part of the beauty, you too will come to believe from reading her story.

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