Positive: She longed for a positive pregnancy test

You will positively love the new novel by Joanne Nicholson

Australian author, Joanne Nicholson is proud to announce the release of her latest contemporary women’s novel, ‘Positive’.

In this story, the protagonist Ruth spent her twenties travelling and having fun. Now that she is in her mid-thirties she is desperate to settle down, get married and most of all have a baby – but is it too late? With a loudly ticking biological clock, she finds herself navigating her way through Internet dating, IVF and support groups. Ruth goes to extreme lengths in order to achieve her goal of becoming pregnant. When she finally gets a positive test result from the doctor she is in shock.

Her family and friends rally around her, offering love and support, as Ruth tries to keep a positive frame of mind as she prepares to become a single mother.

Set in Sydney, Australia, this page-turner is at times light hearted and witty, whilst at other times heart wrenchingly sad.

If you enjoy Liane Moriarty’s novels, you should definitely consider reading Joanne Nicholson’s book ‘Positive’.

Available for purchase for $3.50 USD on  Amazon.

Other contemporary women’s novels also available from Joanne Nicholson are ‘In Another Life’ and ‘Intuition’.