Prepare Our Children For The Future By Making The Most Of Their Present

We all want to raise a child (or children) that grow up to be “well-rounded” and psychologically healthy adults.  Providing a solid support system at home is probably the number one way to get started on providing this ultimate goal.  As a parent, we want to ensure that our child(ren) feels secure and confident, and that they have that feeling of “fitting in” and having a purpose in the world.  We also want our child(ren) to have feelings of compassion towards others less fortunate than them.  

Lessons we teach our child(ren) from the moment they are old enough to understand a simple command such as “no”— are essential to start teaching them in order for the child to be successful academically and socially once they start school.  These lessons we teach our toddlers will be instilled in their brain for the rest of their lives, so we must remain consistent, have patience, and have the dedication needed to teach them right from wrong.  
Every child has special skills and talents, once you decide what it is special about your child, be sure to applaud them every time they show off their special talent.  Even before your child starts kindergarten you can enroll in some “mommy and me” classes which will be very mind-opening for both of you.  However, if you cannot afford to pay for these classes, there are similar activities that can be done around the home and yard that will reap the same benefits.   Arrange to play a simple game of “catch” in the yard during the day; or in the evening, after supper has been served and you are in need of wearing your child down for bedtime, do a little dancing in the living room.  Any sort of activity you can plan that involves either you and your child (or even the whole family, dad can join in) will be an excellent way to develop your child intellectually, physically, and even personally.  
Whenever your child does a good job, instead of just saying “good boy (or girl) you are so smart!”  You need to actually praise your child for the hard work they put into the task.  We want to have a child with a “growth mind set”, so that he or she believes in the ability to face any challenges thrown his or her way.  Once the child starts school we need to encourage their drive for learning, because it is not the grade that is important, it is the actually drive and motivation they have for learning new things.  
We also need to respect that our child is a different person than we are.  Just because we may prefer to do our “mind challenging” work in complete silence, doesn’t mean your child prefers to study in this manner.  He may prefer studying with music in the background or he may be like you and want complete silence.   Either way, we need to respect that each person has a different learning style.  

It is never too early to start reading to your child.  By having a set “story-time” each evening to read to your child, and eventually once they start learning to read, they can start reading to you.  Reading to your child at any age allows children to learn the language and encourages their success academically.  As well, studies done at “The Institute of Education” in the United Kingdom have proven that 5 years old children who were read to on a regular basis had fewer behavioral issues once they enrolled in school.  
Planning at least one “sit down” meal per day—preferably dinner, will also prove to result in a well-rounded child.  Children react well to the conversation with family members at the dinner table, such as “How was your day?”  “Did you learn anything new today in school?”  These suppertime conversations are beneficial to your child’s emotional and educational advancements.  
A regular bedtime needs to be established for each night at the same time every night.  It is especially important that when it is “lights out” that means all other electronic devices are shut down as well.  No cell phones or video games after lights off, a solid night’s sleep is imperative to a well-rounded child.  
Giving and accepting hugs throughout the day is also important for easing tension in children.  When a child doesn’t receive regular human contact through hugging, they show symptoms of stress, which can also affect their ability to concentrate and focus, as well as retain information learned.  A study that was published in the “American Journal of Public Health” in 2005 proved that “touching another person gently has the power to alleviate emotional, behavioral, and physical symptoms related to stress.”
INSYL has children’s books that also help build a well-rounded child with their line of psychological and social building books.  With catchy characters such as the “Focused Falcon” your child will learn how to keep his/her eye on the goal and not lose focus or be “steered into unproductive territories”.  Another book titled the “Motivated Mantis and the Distracted Dragonfly” will educate your child(ren) with how to motivate themselves and find a love in whatever task they are assigned to do.  The Motivated Mantis teaches them that when they love what they do they will get a lot more happiness and satisfaction out of the task than if they are having negative thoughts and feelings about it.  
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