Providence: God's Care for the Lost Sheep

Providencelooks like a great inspirational book. Do you plan for this to be part of a series or a standalone? This is a standalone book.

What do you think makes a great spiritual book?

It should include things that Christians are called to deal with in their everyday lives. For example, the book Providence. It is a great spiritual book because it includes personal testimonies, prayers, Christian work, evangelism, invitation to attend church, people that come to know Christ, it also includes the parable with the lost sheep from the Bible, and each chapter starts with a Bible verse. It is a great spiritual book that encourages people to follow Christ, and it works well for any age and any gender. It is an easy read with a great back story, that gives the opportunity for the reader to be thankful for the things he/she has and to trust God more.

What inspired you when writing Providence?
This is a fictional book and when I started writing it I was thinking how should I start the book. Ideas came along the way, and I somehow also got inspired by different existing realities around Romania (even though the book is based in a fictional country). For some people, situations are very hard in Romania, and there are many children begging on the streets. Sometimes, things are even worse than described in the book. Still, this is fictional and is not meant to present an exact case that happened, but it doesn’t mean that certain things in the book can’t be realities.

What are your ambitions for your writing career? Full time? Part time?
I just started my career as an author and have written two books so far: Providence, the one described here, and Patience Before Marriage: A Single Woman’s Guide for God’s Best. I have already translated Providenceinto Romanian, as well, and have to proofread it; soon it should be available in Romanian. I also would like to translate Patience Before Marriage book into Romanian. I am an expectant mother of my husband’s and my first child, due in January 2018. I will be on Maternity Leave then, but I enjoy writing on topics that are encouraging to readers in one way or another. I like writing Christian books.

When did you decide to become a writer?
I have become a writer this year, as my husband (Jeremy G. Woods) and I decided to go on this path. He has more experience in writing and he is already an author of seven books. He is a great encouragement for me and a great support. It is a blessing to be able to work together, and actually we own a Christian book publisher as well under our Company FaithVenture Media that we have opened this year.

When writing Providencedid anything stand out as particularly challenging?
It was actually a real blessing from God, as ideas came pretty easily, and I wrote it in less than a month. Afterwards, I did let my husband work on editing it and publishing it. I am glad I wrote it in a short amount of time, as I had to keep up with the details written in the book and make sure that it was accurate.

How did you come up with the story of Providence?
It was God who inspired me and gave me creativity to be able to write the story of Providence. Ideas flowed and, even though I didn’t have the whole story in my mind before starting to write it, I also found out the ending of it only when I finished the book. There are many sad realities happening in people’s lives, and we often know little or no things about them. Still, while this book is a sad one in some ways, it also offers the readers the joy of seeing God at work in people’s lives and how He is the one who responds to prayers in His own way and for our best, even when we don’t understand the whole picture. This is true in our own reality as well, and this book is not intended to transmit messages that could not be real at all, as it is not a fantasy book. It is fictional only because it doesn’t represent a true case from someone’s actual life, but mainly a compilation of realities that are present or can be present in one way or another.

What do you like to do when not writing?
I enjoy having fellowship with God together with my husband, and I also enjoy singing worship songs but more so listening to worship music. I also like walking with my husband, I enjoy shopping together with my husband, I like cooking and I enjoy preparing for our little baby’s arrival, which is very soon.

How can readers discover more about you and your work?
There is more information available on Amazon, where my books are being published, and they can go to Providence, or Patience Before Marriage. Also, my author page is

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