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Date: Nov 1, 2017     
Contact: Raziel Arcega   

Radhaa Nilia of GODDESS CODE Academy announces the publishing and launch of her first digital book Quan Yin Goddess Code Activations Healing Workbook on Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, Apple iBooks, and Kobo.

This book was manifested from Radhaa’s signature six-week course Quan Yin GODDESS CODE Activations. Radhaa’s original modality is a healing method used to awaken and activate Goddess Codes, which help explicit beliefs, blockages and lineage wounds and awaken the feminine gifts.

In this workbook, the readers will be guided by their journey and discovery with Quan Yin as she gently leads each one through healing questions, meditations, how to create an altar, what tools to use and how to use them, prayers, and how to use the Goddess Code Activations. Anyone can use this workbook at his or her own pace, in the comfort of his or her own home, fully supported by Goddess Quan Yin and Radhaa’s guidance the whole way through.

Author Radhaa Nilia is an intuitive teacher, international coach, artist, healer, forward-thinking leader, and speaker on feminine empowerment. Radhaa stems from a direct lineage of Shamans, working with women to heal their heart and soul wounds. As the Founder of GODDESS CODE Academy a mystical school for the divine feminine, this online educational platform was created with the mission and vision of serving women through holistic teachings and empowerment. This encourages a new way of thinking, building, and being in the world, helping women to realign with their feminine flow, activating their inner Goddess through education and empowerment.

GODDESS CODE Academy publications may be visited at the official GODDESS CODE Academy at www.goddesscodeacademy.com and find her book on Pronoun: https://books.pronoun.com/quan-yin/
You can find Radhaa Nilia at: 

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