The Evolution of Happiness: How to Develop Life Skills and Enjoy Life

Dr. Ashkan Farhadi Releases New Self-Help Book: 

The Evolution of Happiness: How to Develop Life Skills and Enjoy Life

The Evolution of Happiness is an illustrated, easy to browse collection of various information regarding happiness and how to get it and maintain it. The illustrations are fun and the book is full of short gems about the subject we’re all interested in: the art of happiness.
On seeking out happy moments: How Important Are Our Fun Times? Even though experiencing leisure may not be our main goal in life, seeking happy moments is a very important part of our life and influences our state of well-being to a great extent. Anything that makes us cheerful is welcome.
On accomplishment: Seeking excellence is one of the ingredients of success and happiness. Most of us feel good after accomplishing a task, but we would feel much better when we believe that we did our best. Whether it’s completing a daily task or accomplishing a lifetime achievement, we experience much more satisfaction when we believe we gave it our all. Striving for excellence is another element of our happiness.
On the happiness of giving: Even though all forms of giving will bring us happiness, giving that is well planned and executed (like any other goals in our lives) can be more meaningful and effective. An effective giving experience is one of the best ways to multiply our happiness.
“Information comes fast without a lot of filler and is accompanied by illustrations. This is a fast and fun read all while picking up and learning genuinely useful information.”
“This is a well-organized book about happiness. Explores a lot of different angles and is broken up by useful and often comical illustrations.”
About the Author

Dr. Ashkan Farhadi is a volunteer Associate Professor at the University of California, Irvine. He has been a physician, researcher and teacher in academic settings for the last two decades and involved in multiple research projects. The Evolution of Happiness is a thoughtful look into what he has discovered from years of research into two major goals in almost everyone’s lives: success and happiness.

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