The Happiness Principles   

The Happiness Principles is the self-help book for you if you're looking to make a change, improve for the better but you're not sure where to begin.

Read this book if you want to redefine yourself. 

The Happiness Principles is designed in two parts. Part One is where you will learn to recognize what aspects of your life that you can improve on to bring yourself closer in becoming a happier person and showcasing the best version of yourself. Your attitude, fears, self-doubt, discomfort and other variables play a bigger role in your life than you know. Part Two is where you learn to acknowledge and implement your social responsibilities to those around you – the definition of a true friend. We all need a reminder sometimes. 

The Happiness Principles is a curation of practical and relatable hard to hear truths. Earnest advice is also provided in list form because large, run-on paragraphs are unnecessary. By the end of The Happiness Principles, you will know where to start and you will most definitely improve for the better. 

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