Forces Of Changing Traditions

Changes are happening in people's lives faster than ever before and they no longer have any control over their own destiny. The people are slowly realizing the unexplained control that a few powerful men have over them, but now it is too late.

Jason left Jamaica for the United Kingdom for a better life as a schoolteacher. While teaching, he comes into direct contact with what is really happening. His schizophrenic mind mingles with a spirit that shows him how, through our simplest experiences, we are totally controlled by spiritual dark forces whose ultimate aim is to create a New World Order and then set up a throne on this earth for the devil himself.

Jason goes through his own life story before he can try to stop the few unseen spiritual dark forces. However, they have turned out to be too deceptive, manipulative and powerful. He must get help, but the help will be no ordinary help at all.

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