How to Find Profitable Books to Sell on Amazon: 7 Ways to Buy Books Low at Thrift Stores and Garage Sales and Sell High Online (Sell Books Fast Online Book 4)

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Did you know you can walk into dozens of thrift stores today, buy used books for practically nothing, and re-sell them for huge profits on Amazon?
It’s true – in fact that’s how thousands of Amazon sellers (myself included) have quit our day jobs and now make a full-time income selling books online.
Many new sellers, however, have a problem locating the best stores to shop at. They can’t always find books to replenish their inventory. And they often find themselves competing against faster and more experienced Amazon sellers.
Fortunately, these don’t have to be your problems – if you follow the seven strategies I’ve developed for finding the most profitable books in the least amount of time.
By using these proven strategies, you’ll be able to:
  • Choose the best equipment for finding profitable books
  • Decide at a glance if a book can be resold for a profit
  • Locate stores with the most lucrative inventory
  • Save time with routes that let you visit several stores each day
  • Find profitable books that other sellers overlook 
  • Befriend store employees and gain access to more books
  • Work with Amazon sellers and share valuable information
As a bonus, I’ll introduce you to a free online resource that will help you find books even seasoned Amazon sellers overlook – which you can sell for more money! 
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