Sin of Mages: An Epic Fantasy Series (Rift of Chaos Book 1)

Akielas was once glorified as the most powerful mage ever known. After his apprentices betrayed him he lost everything that he once loved. Akielas sought revenge but when he found out about their malice plot he was filled with remorse for the monsters he created. They were following a destructive path that he left behind so long ago. They now go by the name, Specters, and brought havoc to Odealeous while seeking the remnants of the dragon gods.

Although Akielas was ready to carry the burden all alone, allies from around the world stepped forth and joined his struggle. They fear what would happen if the Specters got their hands on the remnants of the dragon gods. The masked ghouls must be destroy but is Akielas willing to take the life of his own apprentices, his own children.

An epic fantasy series for readers who love sword and sorcery, elemental magic, dragons, fairies, elves, dwarfs and other mystical creatures

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