Surviving The Corporate Culture: A Guide To Survive & Achieve     

Do you work in the corporate world?

Are you looking for new and innovative ways to avoid stress and ensure success? 
Surviving the Corporate Culture is designed to be a guide for that success and to help you to greater achievement. Inside its pages, you will find 5 distinct sections which offer advice and tips on things like:
-Personal health
-Stress in the workplace
-How to give yourself a head start
-Becoming a valuable player
-Good relationships with other departments
-Preparing for a safe landing with your 401(k)
-And much more… 


Includes the handy Surviving the Corporate Culture Checklist that summarizes all of the most important action steps in the book so you can quickly implement what you have learned. With this list, you don't have to take notes as you read unless you want to. 

Working in the corporate world is seeing increased challenges, and with Surviving the Corporate Culture you will have a head start on the millions of others just like you.

So, whether you are looking for ways to avoid stress, wanting to improve the way you work and communicate with others, or are planning for a well-earned retirement, this is the book you should be reading. 

This book covers many topics such as coping with stress in a cubicle environment. It also provides tips on how to become the top producer in your department, beginning with the initial phone techniques used when scheduling appointments, to the elements of effective communication with clients, co-workers, and management. Chapters also provide advice on leadership and how to plan for your retirement.

Get your copy of Surviving the Corporate Culture now! It will be the most illuminating read you will have this year.


"This book is a jackpot for anyone working today's busy corporate world. The Surviving the Corporate Culture Checklist alone is worth far more than the price of this book. This book will teach you how to get ahead of your competition, manage your workload and stress, how to maximize your friendships with your other coworkers to improve professional growth, and much more. Get your copy today and don't miss out on everything this book can teach you." 
-Ashley Emma, multi-bestselling author of Fearless Author: Prepare, Publish and Launch Your Own eBook


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