The Cosmetics Entrepreneur Manual     

Even though this book has a 'cosmetics' word in the title, I assure you that anyone can read it and find the information in it useful. Any type of business, if it's just starting or even if it's going on for a while. Eyeballing the Pareto principle, the book is made of 20% cosmetics advice and 80% general business advice. I diluted this because many of us think that it is enough to find an e-mail of a lab and our job is done. But it barely started.

Looking for the information about how to start a cosmetic line or a cosmetic business I hit a dead end even before I started. There are some books, but they are either too short, badly rated, missing the topic or just meant for someone else.

This book is for a cosmetics entrepreneur who is only starting up his or hers business. You will learn all the details of the process which takes you from your idea to your product. What you need to be, what you must be on the lookout for when dealing with laboratories, about a business plan, marketing and funding.

It will help you to become more familiar with the process of creating your own product in cooperation with a laboratory. You will get insight in the things you need to do and some hidden costs of doing business in this field.

This book is also for someone who has already started working with cosmetics, but is lacking in some areas. Maybe you want to better understand the process that is going on behind the scenes or maybe you want to explore more options of raising funds or maybe you are curious about marketing. In this book we speak about 34 different possibilities of marketing your products and 15 different ways of getting funds.

I do address certain attributes of a person that are beneficial for this business, but do not let that discourage you. Even if you aren't like that in nature now, many of those attributes can be acquired, trained and nurtured.

I do not address in great detail how you would be formulating your products. So, while I do believe that this book will be helpful for most of the things that are concerning the starting of the business in cosmetics and business in general, this book is not for the chemist aficionado.